This four-course, graduate-level certificate is offered online and is designed for non-engineers who understand the importance of blending technological understanding with management skills and analytical, problem-solving insight . Additionally, courses taken in the certificate program apply toward the master's degree.

With our certificate program, you will learn to:

  • apply your broad, new knowledge of information and communication technologies to solve organizational problems 
  • work effectively with voice, data, video, and imaging technologies in business, government, health care, or education
  • gain insight into the field of internetworking, TCP/IP, and other components and services that underlie the Internet
  • solve a wide range of information-related problems ranging from small organizations to data-warehousing level problems


You can find full course descriptions in the Graduate Catalog.

Required Courses

  • ICS 620 Telecom Technologies, Standards, and Lab 
  • ICS 621 Information Movement, Management, Storage Technologies, Standards, and Lab

Electives (select 2 courses) 

  • CS 639 Seminar in Computer Science 
  • ICS 623 Integration 
  • ICS 624 Knowledge Management 
  • ICS 645 Database and Storage Management 
  • ICS 691 Internet, ICTP/IP, and Internetworking 
  • ISOM 601 Introduction to Computer and Network Security 
  • MBA 623 Electronic Commerce

Questions? Want to take the next step? Contact program advisor Amy Clevenger