One of the unique features of the Center for Information and Communication Sciences (CICS) is the prevalence of blogging by its graduate students and faculty. Though some is done to satisfy course requirements, most students take the opportunity to research and blog about any and all professional topics that interest them.

The Center, through its Human Factors Institute (HFI), has developed the longest-running blog community—with the largest number of participating bloggers—in information systems education in the United States. Virtually every graduate of the Center develops a professional blog while they study with us.

Blogging by the Numbers

Recent HFI research showed that in 12 sample courses here, there were:








hyperlinks documenting the posts

These types of blogs are critical to our industry—we all educate one another. This is how knowledge builds and how research continues to grow and evolve.

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Why Blog?

  • It’s a great way to showcase your writing abilities.
  • Our students are known for their exceptional communication skills in writing and oral presentation.
  • It provides an innovative way to get noticed professionally, using the power of the global internet to add your knowledge-value, beyond the classroom.
  • Our graduates stand out on professional platforms such as LinkedIn because many of us have shared our blog posts there.
  • You can voice your thoughts, opinions, and ideas, as well as reach out to industry leaders, recruiters, and academic colleagues.
  • We give you a supportive blogger community to do it.