Step 1

Note: A limited number of part-time students will be allowed to begin their studies in the spring semester. But if you expect to finish in three semesters, we recommend you start the master's program in the fall.

The application process has two tiers.

1. You must be accepted into the Ball State University Graduate School.

Applying to the Graduate School

  • Complete a Graduate School online application.
  • Send official transcripts from any institution other than Ball State where you have taken college-level course work. The minimum GPA for regular admission is 2.75.

You'll be notified in writing when you have been accepted, and the Graduate School will then forward your application and admission letter to CICS.

You will also need to apply to the Center for Information and Communication Sciences. (Step 2)

Note: International students must apply through the Rinker Center for International Programs.

How Long It Takes for Admission

It depends upon the time of year, but the Graduate School typically processes applications within two weeks of receiving all required information. You can check on the status by calling 765-285-1297.

Step 2: Applying to CICS

Step 2: Applying to CICS