Immersive learning is about student-driven projects, lasting outcomes, and community partnerships. In our program, this means that you can take part in special projects for information and communication companies and gain valuable experience and relationships in the process.


Our immersive learning projects are a win-win for all involved. You will receive: 

  • real-life application of the concepts you are learning in the classroom
  • feedback from corporate partners to hone your management and leadership skills
  • accomplishments to list on your resume before you graduate
  • knowledge that you helped your community through service
CICS Graduate - Joshua Steffee"I've had multiple projects that I’ve been blessed to be a part of during my time here. They can range from designing a web site for a local fire department to going out and helping one of the global leaders in the bottling and glass industry manage their networks and their manufacturing facilities." – Joshua Steffee '13, Mobile Applications Development at Hillenbrand Inc.

Examples of Our Real-World Projects

Jones & Bartlett Publishing Company

Our project with Jones & Bartlett Publishing Company involved analyzing the usability of the design of the textbook, lab manual, and online lab environment for a new information systems security course that the company was preparing to implement. The company made several changes to the online environment based on the recommendation of CICS students.

Marian University

Students looked at the usability of changes to the Marian University website. The university was adding an osteopathic medical program to its curricula and wanted to see the best impact on the website. The students compared Marian to several other Catholic university websites and recommended several changes.

Applied Research Institute

Real-world projects often come through the work of the Applied Research Institute (ARI), located in the Ball Communication Building. ARI includes six industry-supported laboratories that play a large role in the graduate academic program while conducting research projects for businesses and governments.