Required Courses for a Criminal Justice Minor – 21 hours

CJC 101 Introduction to the American Criminal Justice System

CJC 102 Introduction to Criminology

CJC 230 Introduction to Policing

CJC 240 Introduction to Corrections

CJC 250 Introduction to Courts

6 hours of electives, 300-400 level
Choose from:

CJC 309 Juvenile Justice and Delinquency

CJC 311 Race, Ethnics, and Gender Issues in Criminal Justice

CJC 312 Victimology

CJC 329 Decision Making and Ethics in Criminal Justice

CJC 331 Organized Crime

CJC 332 Crisis Intervention in Criminal Justice

CJC 333 Police Systems and Organization

CJC 340 Institutional Corrections

CJC 341 Community Corrections

CJC 350 Criminal Evidence

CJC 351 Criminal Law