Regardless of your course of study, Ball State is all about hands-on learning.

Among the best ways to really gain experience and confidence in your chosen field is through an internship. It’s an opportunity for you to put all the theories and bits of information you discuss in your classroom to use in a real-life setting. An internship helps you make that cognitive leap from discussion to application, while receiving guidance and support from both faculty and professionals.

Graduate students in communication studies are required to complete a professional internship if they’re enrolled in the Organizational and Professional Communication and Development (OPCD) option. Those who have chosen the Communication Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) option may choose to complete an internship for one of their electives if they wish.

We believe that our interns are capable of making valuable contributions to organizations, and for that reason, we require that they be paid approximately $1,500 over the course of the 3-credit internship.

Time requirements
You’re required to provide a minimum of 150 hours of work for the organization over the spring semester (15 to 16 weeks). You and the site supervisor will set the work schedule, but typically students will work at the internship site two days each week for 10 to 12 hours per week, depending on projects and needs of the organization and the student.

The academic supervisor meets regularly with you to review your progress and work logs. At midsemester, the academic supervisor meets with you and the site supervisor at the internship location to discuss your work and progress. Evaluation forms are provided for the site supervisor both at midsemester and at the end of the semester to critique your performance. These forms, along with regular meetings and your final report, will determine your grade for the internship.

You and the site supervisor will determine salary, work schedule, and specific job description.

The academic supervisor tries to match the needs of the organization with the skills and needs of communication studies students and will make initial placement suggestions to you and other students upon securing potential sites. You are required to participate in an interview with the potential site supervisor, who has the final option of either offering you the internship or requesting another student to interview.

The internship is finalized after the site supervisor has selected you, and you have given the academic advisor a signed contract and a current job description stating the specific duties and the hours to be accumulated.

For more information about graduate internships, please contact the internship director, Peggy Fisher.