Your real reason for choosing communication studies is preparation for an exciting career as well as skill development that will serve you outside of work. But it’s nice to earn some recognition, too. Here are some of the ways we honor student achievement:

  • Departmental Honors in Communication Studies—To earn these honors, you must achieve a grade point average of 3.5 in the major along with a cumulative GPA of 3.0. You must also enroll for honors credit in at least four upper-division communication studies courses, and complete an honors project (HONRS 499). To learn more, contact Carrie Shue.
  • Academic Honors in Writing—Seniors demonstrating superior writing skills may apply for these honors by submitting a 35-page writing portfolio in December. Some portfolios may be chosen by the department for university-wide competition. Finalists picked by the university committee will be invited to write a common essay on a topic of general interest, and based on the portfolios and common essays, students may be chosen to receive the “Academic Honors in Writing” designation. Contact Marcy Meyer for more information.
  • Outstanding New Student Award—A new major in the department who has a strong academic record and strong faculty endorsements is honored with this award.
  • Outstanding Junior Award—The junior major with the highest cumulative grade point average gets this award, which includes a modest scholarship applied toward senior-year tuition along with recognition on a plaque.
  • Outstanding Senior Award—A senior who has made significant contributions to the department is chosen by the faculty to win this award. It comes with a modest cash award along with the honor of leading the graduating majors during commencement.