Carolyn Shue

Associate Professor

LB 363   Phone: 765-285-1962  

Communication Studies
David Letterman Communication and Media Building, room 351
2000 University Ave.
Muncie, IN 47306


B.A., Western Michigan University
M.A., The Ohio University
Ph.D., The Ohio University


COMM 210: Public Speaking
COMM 360: Communication Theory
COMM 452: Applied Organizational Communication
COMM 465: Human Communication Inquiry
COMM 602: Quantitative Research in Communication
COMM 635: Interpersonal Communication
COMM 640: Interpersonal Communication in Context
COMM 660: Communication Theory

Research interests include:

  • Health Communication
  • Assessment

Selected publications:

Shue, C. K., and Arnold, L. (2009). Medical students’ interviews with older adults: An examination of their performance. Health Communication, 24, 1-10.

McKenzie, J., Shue, C. K., O’Hara, L., Marini, D., Flanagan, J. R. (2008). Improving communication between patients with diabetes and their physicians. Health Education & Behavior, 35, 599-601.

Arnold, L., Shue, C. K., Kalishman, S., Prislin, M., Pohl, C. Pohl, H. and Stern, D. (2007). A system for peer assessment of professionalism among medical students. Academic Medicine, 82, 578 - 586. *** Selected as Editor’s Choice

Shue, C. K., Byers, L. A., & Graham, E. E. (2005). Critical incidents and communication during the progression of Alzheimer’s disease from the perspective of family caregivers. Alzheimer’s Care Quarterly, 6, 233 - 244.

Shue, C. K., McNeley, K., & Arnold, L. (2005). Changing medical students’ attitudes about older adults and future older patients. Academic Medicine, 80, S1 – S5.

Shue, C. K., Arnold, L., & Stern, D. (2005). Maximizing participation in peer assessment of professionalism: The students' speak. Academic Medicine, 80, S6 – S9.

Arnold, L., Shue, C. K., Kritt, B., Ginsburg, S., & Stern, D. (2005). Medical students’ views on peer assessment of professionalism. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 20, 819 – 824.

Byers, L. A., & Shue, C. K., Marshall, L. L. (2004). The interplay of violence, relationship quality, commitment, and communication in abusive relationships. Texas Speech Communication Journal, 29, 43-51.

Graham, E. E., & Shue, C. K. (2001) Reflections on the past, directions for the future: A template for the study and instruction of interpersonal communication. Communication Research Reports, 17, 337-348.

Key Service Activities

  • Chair, Department of Communication Studies Curriculum and Program Development Committee
  • Coordinator, Department of Communication Studies Departmental Honors Program
  • Member, Department of Communication Studies Graduate Faculty
  • Reviewer for journal and conference paper submissions