Your communication studies degree will serve you well in just about any profession because communication is a vital part of just about anything you might do. But a communication studies degree is ideal for numerous specific job categories.

In the business world, you might serve as a corporate communication specialist, a sales representative, a human resources specialist, or a communication or organizational consultant. You could work as a public affairs officer or political consultant, maybe an event coordinator.

You might pursue a career in one of these fields:

  • industrial relations
  • media and journalism
  • marketing and advertising
  • campaign work
  • government
  • research
  • ministry and mission work
  • teaching and corporate training
  • fundraising
  • law

bachelor's degree in communication studies also provides an excellent framework for graduate education, whether in communication studies or another field. A master’s degree might lead to a professional career or doctoral work, which in turn can lead to careers in research or education.

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