You can learn a lot on campus. But you also can take home important lessons, and a great deal of satisfaction, through community service. Our students and faculty are well aware of this and are active in a variety of community connections.

For example, Peggy Fisher and her students contribute through Building Better Communities Fellows (formerly Business Fellows). One project has involved assisting with communication-related projects for Ball Memorial Hospital. Students spent a significant amount of time learning about the hospital and its operations and volunteering in a number of capacities. 

Students developed and administered a survey to a group of nurses in hopes of helping the volunteer resources department better train its volunteers. And students are working as consultants in the emergency department, conducting observations in the waiting room and emergency room as well as individual interviews and focus groups involving medical staff, patients, and family members. Another Building Better Communities Fellows project is involvement in Habitat for Humanity.

Another connection involves the philanthropic work of the Lambda Pi Eta student organization. Among other things, the group sponsors a holiday party for the foster children of Delaware County each December.