It almost goes without saying that one can’t be highly successful—in any occupation—without the ability to communicate well. So it stands to reason that a background in communication studies can take you a lot of places. Even if your primary task is not communication, you’ll still benefit greatly from a mastery of skills in public speaking, listening, interviewing, persuasion, group decision making, argumentation, leadership, and interpersonal communication.

Plenty of occupations are tailor-made for communication studies graduates. For example, corporate communication specialists serve businesses in all fields, sales representatives rely heavily on persuasive skills, and human resource specialists need solid interpersonal abilities. You can be a public affairs officer or a political consultant.

A communication studies background is also helpful for careers in industrial relations, media, campaign work, research, business administration, marketing, advertising, journalism, criminal justice, government, the ministry, health services, social services, and law.

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