No matter what you’re majoring in, you’ll be well served by a solid understanding of the principles of communication. A minor in communication studies may be just the stepping stone to success that you need.

We offer you three options:

Communication Studies   |   Campaign Communication  |  Organizational Communication

Communication Studies Minor

If you’re seeking a general but thorough overview of communication studies to complement studies of other types, this is the minor for you. It’s a 21-credit minor that’s simple and flexible. 

There are three required courses:

  • Introduction to Human Communication
  • Persuasion
  • Presentational Communication

You can then complete your schedule with 12 more hours of communication studies course work of your own choosing—all but a few of the courses are fair game.  

Campaign Communication Minor

As its name implies, this minor is communication studies with a political twist. It totals 21 to 24 credit hours with a mixture of communication studies course work along with selected courses from journalism and political science.

Required courses from Communication Studies include:

  • Persuasion
  • Political Communication
  • Rhetorical Criticism

Required courses from the Department of Political Science:

  • Public Opinion and Political Behavior
  • Political Campaigns

Required course from the Department of Journalism:

  • Introduction to Advertising 

In addition to these required courses, minors may then choose another 3 to 6 hours from a selection of communication studies, journalism, and political science courses.

Organizational Communication Minor

Those with majors in business administrationentrepreneurshiphuman resources management, and communication studies are the targets of this minor. If you envision yourself in a communication role focusing on the inner workings of a large corporation or organization - this is the minor for you. 

Half of the coursework for this 24-credit minor is done in the Miller College of Business and the other half in the Department of Communication Studies.

Required communication studies courses include:

  • Interviewing
  • Small Group Decision Making
  • Communication Leadership
  • Communication in Organizations

From the business curriculum, students take:

  • Business and Managerial Communications
  • Managing Behavior in Organizations
  • Managing Human Resources
  • Employee Development