Your senior year is more than just the last year of undergraduate course work. It’s a wrap-up of your whole communication studies experience, a capstone to your studies.

One component is the Communication Studies Senior Seminar, COMM 401. It’s a 1-credit course designed to help with your transition from the academic to the professional world. Offered only to seniors, the course encourages you to assess your competencies, refine your job-search skills, and explore career opportunities. 

Senior Portfolio 

As a major, you’re also required to submit a senior portfolio during the semester you plan to graduate. The portfolio is essentially an academic history showing your performance in the Department of Communication Studies. It shows off your skills, achievements, and knowledge. 

Fall graduates will submit their portfolios in early November. Spring and Summer graduates will submit their portfolios in early April. Seniors will be notified of specific submission dates by the department. Students will receive assistance in constructing their portfolios through their COMM 401 class.  Questions about the portfolio can be directed to your COMM 401 instructor, Beth Messner (the department’s primary departmental advisor), or your faculty advisor.

Senior Portfolio Requirements

Your senior portfolio will include a thoughtful essay in which you discuss your strengths and weaknesses as a communicator.  For example, you might discuss your knowledge of communication theory; your oral and/or written communication skills; and your ability to persuade, think critically and/or problem solve.  You will support the claims made in this essay with a variety of products developed in your COMM classes (e.g., speech critiques, debate briefs, research papers, creative projects).

Download PDF with full set of instructions and a cover sheet to be included with the portfolio.