The Department of Counseling Psychology, Social Psychology and Counseling offers a Master of Arts degree in general social psychology, as well as a dual major in social psychology and counseling.



 Graduate Social Psychology Degrees

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We are the only social psychology program in the nation to be located within a counseling psychology department. Due to our unique departmental location, this program is infused with a multicultural approach, which is commonly found in counseling psychology. Something else that makes us unique is our dual Social Psychology/Clinical Mental Health Counseling degree program, which is the only one of its kind in the nation.

The courses we offer are designed to give students a great breadth of knowledge in both classic and contemporary social psychological research. Students also receive training in how to competently conduct rigorous social psychological studies of their own. Class sizes are small, which allows for more individualized interaction between faculty and students. In addition, there are many opportunities for gaining research experience both within our department and across other departments on campus.

Notably, the Social Psychology Program at Ball State is one of very few psychology master's programs to offer full funding to the vast majority of its students. Graduates of our program are well positioned to enter doctoral programs in social psychology, I/O psychology, clinical and counseling psychology, and related fields; however, they are also prepared to seek jobs in a range of applied settings (e.g., nonprofit organizations, market research, human resources).

If you have questions about the program, we encourage you to e-mail the Program Director, Dr. Justin Lehmiller ( and to get in touch with current students. Many of our current students would be happy to speak with you and assist you in making your decision. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Program Options: 

General Social Psychology Track 

Dual Major in Social Psychology and Clinical Mental Health Counseling