All Ivy Tech students receive 3 FREE counseling sessions either on Ivy Tech's or Ball State's campus.

If you'd like to continue counseling beyond 3 sessions, sessions are $10 per session.

Sessions are individual 45-minute sessions with a graduate-level counselor in training who is supervised by a licensed psychologist.


1. To arrange an appointment, call the Ball State Practicum Clinic (786-285-8047) for a phone screening. 

2. State you are an Ivy Tech student who wishes to be seen at either the Ivy Tech or Ball State campus.

3. You will be scheduled for an intake appointment at the Ivy Tech Practicum site.


Cowan Road Campus
North Instructional Building

Room 520 in the Workforce Certification Center

*Look for the door that says "Ball State Practicum"


Arranged with your counselor