VISION:   The College of Sciences and Humanities is the university’s liberal arts college. It seeks to be both the foundation on which the university can build and an inspiration for the university’s evolution. To achieve that, the college is re-imagining student-centered pedagogies that will provide high-impact educational experiences for 21st Century students. It is developing basic and applied research and engaged public service programs to challenge both students and faculty to become entrepreneurial leaders in the expansion and application of knowledge for the benefit of humankind. The college is striving to develop alumni who embrace prudent risk as they confront the rapidly changing, globally competitive world of the 21st Century.      

MISSION:   The College of Sciences and Humanities spans the physical, life, mathematical and computational sciences, the social and behavioral sciences, and the humanities.  Through its majors, minors, and certificates and by delivering three-quarters of the University Core Curriculum, the college enhances students’ abilities to think critically, solve problems creatively and communicate clearly. The college’s undergraduate and graduate degree programs provide students with a progressively deeper understanding of disciplinary and interdisciplinary content, epistemology and methods. The college ensures that its graduates have “learned how to learn” and understand the value of continued intellectual development throughout their lives, as preparation for successful engagement in the private, public and non-profit sectors. Faculty scholarship, often accomplished in collaboration with the college’s students, expands human knowledge and contributes to the solution of contemporary problems. Together, faculty and staff model behaviors that promote team collaboration, human respect and engaged citizenship in students.