Learn more about how to apply to the PhD in Applied Linguistics at Ball State or request more information.

The applied linguistics concentration prepares students to teach on the college level, conduct research into modern and ancient languages, to consult in multicultural workplaces, and serve in medical, legal, and educational environments. Many students decide to focus to their PhDs by adding a cognate or certificate.

At Ball State, you will working with faculty with a variety of research interests, including Conner Prairie Interactive History Park employees' interactions with visitors and endangered languages in Mexico. Your research might even attract national attention. One of our students received a Fulbright-Hays grant to study Sheng, an urban vernacular common in Nairobi.

Degree Requirements:   
ENG 520 Introduction to Linguistics and a graduate research course are prerequisites to the program. Students who have not taken them or done equivalent work must take ENG 520 or an additional 3 credits of ENG 601, but these courses are not included in the 48 credits of course work required for graduation.

Up to 32 credits from the master’s degree may be applied to the total of 90 hours for the doctoral degree.

Knowledge of two languages other than English is required.
Required core courses
ENG 621 Meaning and Structure in English 3
ENG 623  Phonetics and Phonology 3   
ENG 626 Morphology and Syntax 3
ENG 627 Sociolinguistics 3
Directed electives -18 hours from the following
ENG 622 History of the English Language (3)
ENG 624 Foundations of Second Language Acquisition (3)
ENG 625 Phonology (3)
ENG 628 Language and Culture (3)
ENG 629 Topics in Applied Linguistics (3)
ENG 630 Contrastive Analysis (3)
ENG 631 Historical Linguistics (3)
ENG 632 Discourse Analysis (3)
ENG 682 Topics in English Linguistics (3)
ENG 684 Topics in Second Language Acquisition (3)
ENG 686 Topics in Linguistics (3)
ENG 693 Writing in the Profession (3)
ENG 701 Independent Study (1-3)
ENG 729 Advanced Topics in Linguistics (3) 18
Electives 15
Transfer credit (up to) 32
Research requirement
ENG 601 Research in English Studies 3
DISS 799  Doctor's Dissertation (1-24) 10
Total Hours 90

Comprehensive Examinations
Students take three comprehensive examinations covering the concentration and one comprehensive examination covering each cognate field (if applicable). The exams are offered over the course of one week and are each four hours in length. Oral examinations follow the written exams.

Candidates for PhD must complete a dissertation on an original topic under the guidance of a committee of faculty. The dissertation requires registration for 10 hours of credit in DISS 799. On completion of the dissertation, students stand a final oral examination between one and two hours in length.


Recent Dissertations


Aied Alenizi                           
Noun Countability Judgments by Arabic Speakers of English



Hanady Alfalig                     
Invitation in Saudi Arabic: A Socio-Pragmatic Analysis


Mustafa Harb                       
Attending to Face in Faceless Computer-Mediated Communication: (Im)Politeness in Online Disagreements Among Arabic Speakers


Asher John                             
Ideology, Language Attitudes, and Status of Punjabi in Pakistan



Hideki Goya                          
Semantic Knowledge Development of Second Language Vocabulary Among Second Language Learners