Application Deadline:  4:00 p.m., Tuesday, March 21, 2017

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Eligibility: Any M.A. candidate with a concentration in creative writing. If only one annual award is given, it will go to a student who has not yet received grant funds. If multiple grant awards are given, a past recipient may be awarded a second scholarship.  

Student must be able to utilize these funds within their academic tenure (before graduation).

Purpose: To support research and travel. First preference to students who produce new writings about place and community, in particular about the Muncie, Indiana area, the state of Indiana and/or Midwest region. Second preference for students who produce writings about sports. The work need not be connected with creative project/thesis.

Examples of eligible expenditures include:

    •    travel (to use libraries, to gather data, or to attend conferences where information may be available)
    •    conduct interviews or field research
    •    application and/or submission fees
    •    texts or materials
    •    photocopying
    •    equipment
    •    software

Selection: Michael Martone is obsessed with the number four, so applicants must complete a brief application with four components; 1. description of the research project; 2. an explanation of the need for funding; 3. a brief writing sample; 4. the name of a faculty reference. Recipients will be selected by the Creative Writing Scholarship Committee (Director of Creative Writing and one other CW faculty), based upon an assessment of the quality of the project and the need for funding to complete it.

The award(s) will be made in the spring semester, with the recipient(s) announced at the Department of English’s annual awards ceremony in April.

Funding: Ordinarily each scholarship award will be $250. The size of the award will be reevaluated every three years.  Awardees must spend the money and submit a post-project review document within one year, or [one month] before their graduation (whichever is first).

Recent Scholarship Winners


John Carter
Mary Carter


George Hickman and Robert Young

Patricia and Anthony Martone Fund

Application Deadline:  4:00 p.m., Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Please review the scholarship description above for eligibility, selection, and material submission requirements:

Name ______________________________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip ________________________________________________________

Phone ______________________________

Email ____________________________________

Project _______________________________________________________________

Amount Requested ____________________

Your signature below indicates that you understand the purpose of the Martone Grant and that if you receive an award you will use it in the way described in your proposal. Furthermore, you will write a post-project report—once funds are utilized—of no more than two pages.

Applicant’s Signature: ___________________________________

 Date: __________________

Attach the following information to this application:

  1. a one-page description of your project, its significance, the particular
  • research for which funding is requested, and your plan for completing the
  • research;
  1. a brief (one-page) budget narrative in which you explain the need for funding and
  • the anticipated expenses;
  1. a two-page (maximum) writing sample;
  2. the name of one English faculty reference familiar with your project concept.

Return application and all required materials to Sharon Hillman, Secretary for Academic Programs, Department of English (RB 297), by the deadline stated above.