Graduate Certificate in Teaching Writing

If you are interested in teaching writing and want to expand your knowledge and earn professional certifications at the same time, consider the Graduate Certificate in Teaching Writing at Ball State.  This 15-hour certificate may be of interest for anyone who would like to immerse themselves in writing theory and join a community of fellow teachers of writing.  

While this certificate is open to all applicants, secondary teachers who teach dual-credit English courses especially may find this certificate useful for fulfilling the Higher Learning Commissions’ policy requiring 18 credit hours in graduate coursework in the discipline in which they teach.  Teachers can earn this certificate and take one additional three-credit graduate course of their choice to meet the HLC’s requirement.

Faculty Expertise

  • Composition Theory
  • Writing Pedagogy
  • Teaching with Technology
  • Writing Center Administration
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  • Rhetorical History and Theory

Certificate Requirements


Core Requirements (9 hours from the following courses)

Course                                                                                                                       Hours

ID 601: Teaching Practices in Higher Education (TAs only)                                       3

Eng 604: Teaching with Technology                                                                           3

Eng 605: Teaching in English Studies (must be taken as Composition first)             3

Eng 609: Indiana Writing Project (max 3 credit hours)                                              3

Eng 699: Contemporary Theories of Composition                                                     3


Electives (6 hours from the following courses)

Course                                                                                                                       Hours

Eng 605: Teaching in English Studies (after taking as Composition)                        3

Eng 610: Reading and Writing Across Genres                                                           3

Eng 611: Workshop in Creative Nonfiction                                                                3

Eng 612: Workshop in Fiction Writing                                                                       3

Eng 613: Workshop in Poetry Writing                                                                        3

Eng 615: Workshop in Screenwriting                                                                         3

Eng 617: Methods for Teaching English Language Learners                                     3

Eng 620: English Linguistics for Educators                                                                 3

Eng 670: Seminar in English Education (depending on topic)                                   3-9

Eng 672: Workshop in English Language Arts (depending on topic)                         3

Eng 673: English Language and Grammar                                                                 3

Eng 674: English Language Arts Elementary                                                             3

Eng 675: Teaching Writing in Secondary Education                                                  3

Eng 690: Seminar in Composition (depending on topic)                                           3

Eng 692: Writing Technologies                                                                                  3

How to Apply

You must first apply and be approved to Ball State’s Graduate School or International Admissions.
Be sure to note that not all documents are sent to the same place.

Prepare and submit these materials directly to the Department of English:

  1. A statement of purpose (750-1000 words) specifically addressing your interest in obtaining the certificate.
  2. A sample of your scholarly or critical writing, preferably a paper written for an academic audience, such as a paper from a graduate course, a revised class paper from an undergraduate or master’s thesis, or other scholarly writing. The writing sample should exemplify your best work, and should reflect your ability to write well, analyze, and engage with scholarly debates and research. If you do not have a sample of academic work, you may write a new paper about a subject related to teaching writing or other academic interests you may have.
    Page length requirement: 5–15 pp double-spaced

You can submit these documents via email or via the post.  If you would prefer to send these documents via email, please attach PDF or Word copies to an email addressed to english@bsu.eduYou can also send hard copies of these documents to the following address:

English Department Graduate Programs Office
Robert Bell Room 297
Ball State University
Muncie, IN 47306

Submit these materials to either the Graduate School or International Admissions:

  1. Official transcript(s) from all universities and colleges attended are to be submitted directly to the Graduate School(universities or colleges in the United States). International transcripts must be submitted to International Admissions through WES (World Education Services).  The WES review process does take time (7-10 business days once the required documentation is received), so plan ahead to meet all of the application deadlines. To be considered for admission, the certificate requires a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent). 

    3. Two letters of recommendation from sources familiar with your professional or scholarly work. The electronic application will allow you to enter your recommenders’ names and email addresses. Once you do this, the system will send an email to your recommenders with instructions on uploading their letters of recommendation.

The certificate program admits new students for the fall, spring, and summer semesters.  Applications for fall enrollment must be completed by July 7, applications for spring enrollment must be completed by November 11, and applications for summer enrollment must be completed by April 15.