Learn more about how to apply to the MA in TESOL and Linguistics at Ball State or request more information.

This joint degree program combines the best of TESOL (Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages) and linguistics, allowing students to consider language development at its most basic and complex levels.

You will work with faculty members who have diverse research interests, including endangered languages in Mexico. 

Megumi Hamada
Mai Kuha
Carolyn MacKay
Elizabeth Riddle
Mary Theresa Seig
Lynne Stallings
• Frank Trechsel
Mary Lou Vercellotti 


Learn more about how to apply to the MA in TESOL and Linguistics at Ball State.

The Program

MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and Linguistics, 45 credits
ENG 520 Introduction to Linguistics, or the equivalent is required but does not count toward required hours in the degree.
Major requirements:
ENG 616   Intro to Theories of Language Learning 3
ENG 617  Methods for Teaching English Language Learners 3
ENG 618     Materials for Teaching English Language Learners 3
 ENG 619  Assessment in TESOL 3
ENG 621 Meaning and Structure in English 3
ENG 623 Phonetics and Phonology 3
ENG 624 Foundations of Second Language Acquisition 3
ENG 625  Phonology 3
ENG 626 Morphology and Syntax 3
ENG 627 Sociolinguistics 3
Directed electives: (choose 9 credits)
ENG 605 Teaching in English Studies (3)
ENG 622
ENG 628
ENG 629
ENG 630
ENG 631
ENG 632
ENG 682
ENG 684
ENG 686
ENG 693
History of the English Language (3)
Language and Culture (3)
Topics in Applied Linguistics (3)
Contrastive Analysis (3)
Historical Linguistics (3)
Discourse Analysis (3)
Topics in English Linguistics (3)
Topics in Second Language Acquisition (3)
Topics in Linguistics (3)
Writing in the Profession (3)

Research requirement
ENG 601 Research in English Studies
RES 697 Research Paper (1-3)
CRPR 698 Creative Project (3 or 6) 3
Total Credits 45

Depending on the nature of the student’s research, the student may also be advised to take one or more courses in experimental design and statistics in addition to other course work.

Recent MA TESOL/Linguistics Capstone Projects



Joel Erickson                         Areal Typography, Standard Average European and Verbal Expressions of
                                              Gratitude in European Languages


Phuong Tran                          Form-Focused Feedback and Grammar Errors: Case Studies at the Writing Center



Sharifa Djurabaeva               The Appearance of the Initial [dʒ] Sound in Olmachi Community Utterances

Seula Han                             Structures and Functions of Intentional Code-Switching in Contemporary Korean Popular


Laura Kompara                      Intermediate L2 Errors of Ser and Estar: A Morphological and Semantic Comparison