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The M.A. in Rhetoric and Composition provides students with a broad understanding of rhetorical and writing studies. Students will use technological literacy and digital rhetoric in the classroom as well as in the creation of discourse. They will be able to explore various aspects of rhetoric and composition including the Writing Program, the Writing Center, and the Indiana Writing Project

Graduate students have ample opportunities to engage with faculty in rhetoric and composition specializations. Students participate in local and national conferences, apply for research grants and publish research in academic venues. In addition, students may add a second major or minor in rhetoric and composition to another master’s degree.

Students with an M.A. in Rhetoric and Composition use their skills in the career industry for editing, publishing, copywriting, freelance writing, and authoring. Students also follow career paths in publicity, business, marketing, teaching, technologies, law, social media management, communications, and information systems.

As a student in our program, you will:

  • Investigate the influences of digital and multimedia writing alongside rhetorical history, research, methodologies, and composition pedagogies
  • Explore the production, interpretation, and analysis of discourse across genres, media, and historical eras


MichaelDonnelly Contemporary rhetorical theory and public discourse, composition pedagogy and theory, writing program administration 
JenniferGrouling Writing assessment, writing program administration, writing across the curriculum, game studies
RoryLee Multimodality, digital literacies, digital rhetoric, undergraduate major programs in writing and rhetoric, multiliteracy centers and digital studios, composition theory and history
G.Patterson Curriculum development, research methods, cultural rhetorics, rhetorics of social justices, and queer/transgender studies
PaulRanieri Classical rhetoric, writing pedagogy (First-year Classroom), liberal education, scholarship of teaching  
JackieGrutsch McKinneyWriting center studies, research methods, writing pedagogy, qualitative research 


Learn more about how to apply to the M.A. in Rhetoric and Composition at Ball State.


MA in Rhetoric and Composition, 30 credits

Major Requirements:

ENG 601 Research in English Studies  3
ENG 605 Teaching in English Studies 3
ENG 694 Classical Rhetoric 3
ENG 699 Contemporary Theories of Composition 3
ENG 604 Teaching with Technology 3
ENG 692 Writing Technologies 3
ENG 693 Writing in the Profession  3
ENG 609 Indiana Writing Project 3
ENG 688  Writing Program Administration  3
ENG 689  Writing Center Res and Admin  3




9 credits

Research requirements:

RES 697          Research Paper 3
Total Credits 30

Recent MA Rhetoric and Composition Capstone Projects


Joel Bergholtz                       Networking Outcomes: Implementing Social Networking Sites in the FYC Classroom



Alysia Sawchyn                    Exploring Invisible Differences: Potential Service Learning Initiatives with
                                             Mental Health Organizations


Miria Waldrop                     Patterns for Textbook Writing:  Re-Envisioning the Role of Composition Textbooks


Alyssa Schweigert               A Rhetorical Investigation of the Terms Used to Describe Multilingual Clients
                                             in the Writing Center Journal, the Writing Lab Newsletter, and Praxis