In a culture saturated with texts of all kinds, the abilities developed with an English degree have never been more imperative. While learning to research, read carefully, think critically, and clearly articulate their thoughts both in class discussions and in writing, our English majors develop advanced skills that are increasingly in demand. We prepare aspiring writers, researchers, and scholars of all kinds who understand the cultural place and importance of a wide variety of texts. Professional and creative command of the English language is essential for jobs in education, law, business, government and virtually every professional field. The English major and minor at Ball State is for those who want to excel by immersing themselves in the myriad uses of the English language.

The English Department at Ball State distinguishes itself by providing personal attention to undergraduate students and is firmly committed to this goal. Our students know that they can complete their English major classes at Ball State without having to sit in large lecture halls with little in the way of interactive pedagogy. Additionally, all classes have major writing components and also are generally arranged around seminar-style classroom discussions in which students sharpen their analytical and oral communication skills. Students are attracted to our department because they will get intensive, interactive classes in which they are engaged with caring faculty and with their fellow students.