Download and fill out the check sheet for the Creative Writing major to ensure that your studies are on track.

Our creative writing program engages writers in all personal and professional aspects of their artistry, leading to lifelong writing. 

Four semesters (or the equivalent) of a modern or classical language at the college level are required.

To earn a bachelor’s degree in creative writing, you must complete 120 credit hours including the University Core Curriculum and these classes: 

Creative Writing, 36 credits
ENG 230 Reading and Writing about Literature 3
ENG 285 Introduction to Creative Writing 3
ENG 405 Special Topic in Creative Writing 3
ENG 444 Senior Seminar 3

15 hours from creative writing courses, including at least 6 hours from courses numbered
406 and above:

ENG 306 Creative Nonfiction Writing 
ENG 307 Fiction Writing
ENG 308 Poetry Writing
ENG 310 Screenwriting
ENG 406 Advanced Creative Nonfiction Writing
ENG 407 Advanced Fiction Writing
ENG 408 Advanced Poetry Writng
ENG 409 Creative Writing in the Community
ENG 410 Advanced Script Writng
ENG 489 Practicum in Literary Editing and Publishing 15

3 hours from literature courses numbered 300-399


3 hours from literature courses numered 400-499 3
3 hours from English courses numbered 205 or higher, excluding creative writing courses,
ENG 206, and any course specially designed for teacher preparation: ENG 150, 204, 302, 304, 311, 318, 350, 395, 401



Total Credits: 36

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