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Decision Point 4 Requirements

Degree Requirements

  • Maintain the GPA required by the GPA policy (minimum of 3.0 overall GPA — see details here).
  • Complete all degree requirements.
  • Students must enroll in EDSE 460 and EDSE 465 (for a total of 12 hours) during the semester that they student teach. 

LAMP Requirement

The Learning Assessment Model Project (LAMP) requirement takes place during student teaching.

Developmental Area Assessment for Licensure

The content area and developmental (pedagogy) area assessments (test) included in the Indiana CORE Assessments for Educator Licensure will be available beginning on February 10, 2014. Candidates seeking an initial practitioner license will be required to pass a developmental (pedagogy) area assessment and the appropriate content area assessment.  

Required Tests for Language Arts (5-12) - 

Developmental (Pedagogy) Area Assessment, Secondary School:
(006) Secondary Education [5–12]
(Note: Candidates must pass the developmental area assessment that matches the grade level in which they are planning to teach.)   

Language Arts Content Area Assessment (Associated with Grade Levels):
(021) English Language Arts [5–12]
(Note: This test allows candidate to teach content in grades 5–12.)

We recommend that you take the test the semester before you student teach. If you somehow miss the test or fail it, then you can retake it during your semester of student teaching. Additional information is available in the Office of Teacher Education Services and Clinical Practices or at this website.

Disposition Assessment

Decision Point 4 disposition assessment takes place during student teaching.

Decision Point 4 Portfolio

Portfolio assessment for Decision Point 4 (DP4) takes place during student teaching. Your finished portfolio needs to contain four sets of reflective statements for each of the InTASC standards. Thus, your portfolio should contain 40 total reflective statements. In addition, your portfolio must include 10 artifacts (one for each InTASC Standard) and 10 accompanying rationales for each artifact.

CPR Training

You must have this training completed before you apply for a teaching license.

  • We recommend that you complete your CPR certification in the six month period before applying for your teaching license. For most students, this would mean taking it just prior to or during student teaching.

If you obtain certification earlier than that, it may expire since the certification is only valid for a one year period and must be renewed.

You also have to have this training before you can qualify for a substitute teaching license.

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