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Degree Requirements

This program introduces you to the scientific study of human language, its structure, its diversity, and its communicative properties. By analyzing linguistic structure and identifying patterns of language use from around the world, you develop an understanding of how languages change, how they are used by communities, and how they are acquired. Linguistics offers an understanding of how languages are structured and how languages are used in communicative and interactional contexts.

Minor in Linguistics, 15 hours      
ENG 220 Language and Society (3)
ANTH 308 Linguistics (3)
ENG 320        Introduction to Linguistic Science     3
ENG 321  Linguistics      3
Hours     9
6 hours from:    
ENG 322         The Development of the English Language (3)    
ENG 323 Discourse Structure and Strategies (3)    
ENG 328 Language and Gender (3)    
ENG 332 Phonetics and Phonology (3)    
ENG 400 Special Topics in English (3)    
ENG 436

Theory and Research in Teaching English to Speakers
of Other Languages (3)

ENG 437 Methods and Materials in Teaching English to Speakers
of Other Languages (3)
ENG 438 Teaching English to Speakers of Other
Languages Curriculum Development and Assessment (3)
Hours     6
Total Hours     15

Four semesters or the equivalent in one or more modern or classical languages other than one's native language are recommended.

For course descriptions and complete information on program requirements, please consult the Ball State University Undergraduate Catalog.

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