Matthew Mullins

Matthew Mullins

Associate Professor of English and Director of Creative Writing

Curriculum Vitae


Room:RB 272

Matt Mullins is currently the Director of Creative Writing at Ball State University. His primary areas of scholarly interest and teaching expertise are in screenwriting, narrative storytelling, digital/experimental filmmaking (film poetry), and film studies. He writes screenplay, fiction, poetry, and makes film poems and digital/interactive literature.

Matt’s film poems have won awards and been screened at numerous festivals and exhibitions in the United States and around the world and include appearances at Visible Verse (Canada), Zebra (Germany), Video Bardo (Brazil), Liberated Words (England), Rabbit Heart (USA), Ó Bhéal (Ireland), The Body Electric (USA), CYCLOP (Ukraine), Co-Kisser (USA), and The International Film Poetry Festival (Greece).

He has published poetry and fiction in print and online journals, and is the author of the short story collection Three Ways of the Saw (Atticus Books), which was named a finalist for Foreword Magazine’s Book of the Year. You can engage his interactive/digital literary interfaces, which have been archived by the Library of Congress as part of The New River archive project, at