Patrick Collier

Patrick Collier

Professor of English


Room:RB 388

The thread that links my scholarly pursuits (and much of my professional life) is media. I study the print media of the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries—books, magazines, newspapers, and periodicals—and the ways they embody, shape, circulate, and complicate the literature they contain and the very idea of “literature” itself. I wrote the book Modernism on Fleet Street (Ashgate 2006), a literary history of how modernist writing took shape in relation to historical debates about the state and future of journalism. The book contains chapters on James Joyce, T. S. Eliot, Virginia Woolf, Rebecca West and the groovy but lesser-known novelist Rose Macaulay. With my graduate school mentor Ann Ardis, I edited the essay collection Transatlantic Print Culture 1880-1940: Emerging Media, Emerging Modernisms (Palgrave 2008), and I have published a number of articles on the relations between literature and journalism. As a secondary specialty I teach and study film and am particularly interested in connections between the ideological force of Hollywood films and the structural ways in which they tell their stories. In addition to Film Studies and Early Twentieth-century British Literature, I regularly teach English 230 (Reading and Writing About Literature) and 280 (British Literature 1790-present).

Areas of specialization: British modernism, periodical and print-culture studies, film studies

Courses taught:
Graduate: Early Twentieth-Century British Literature, Teaching English in Higher Education, Studies in British Authors
Undergraduate: British Literature 1890-1930, Film Studies, Reading and Writing About Literature, Senior Seminar, British Literature 1790-present

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Brit Lit 1890-1930 366 1 1400 - 1450 M W F RB, room 290
Professional Experie 369 80 0000 - 0000