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Eva Grouling Snider


RB 257   Phone: 765-285-8395  

Introductory statement: I’ve taught a lot of things in my career, from first-year composition to visual design to writing for the web. Several key concepts run through all of my teaching, though. First, I believe collaboration is key to learning complex tasks like writing, designing, and coding, and my students collaborate with each other every day. Second, I believe that an understanding of visual communication is necessary to navigate the complex communication tasks students face today. Third, I believe that students want (and need) to learn not only how writing technologies function, but what role they play in larger social structures and in their users’ every day lives.

Here at Ball State, I teach Professional Writing, and my classes are built in a knowledge work model. I believe that professional writers—or professionals who write—need the tools of qualitative research to succeed outside of my class. Additionally, students in my class grapple with visual design principles, collaborative writing technologies, rhetorical theory, professional writing theory, and the production and publication of real-world documents.

I am also a researcher, and my current research involves the effects of gamification in professional writing classes. My past research includes visual rhetoric and the rhetoric of space, ePortfolios and student identity, and griefing in online games.

Areas of specialization: visual rhetoric, digital rhetoric, collaborative writing technologies, writing for the web, professional writing

Courses: ENG 231: Professional Writing, ENG 431: Rhetoric, Writing, and Emerging Media

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