Mary Lou Vercellotti

Mary Lou Vercellotti

Assistant Professor of English


Room:RB 378

Mary Lou Vercellotti (PhD Applied Linguistics, University of Pittsburgh) is professor of Linguistics and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). Her research agenda includes researching second language development, English language teaching and assessment practice, and classroom-based research. Specifically, she measures oral language performance (e.g., complexity, accuracy, and fluency) of adult learners of English across language development while learning in Intensive English programs.


Ph.D., Applied Linguistics, University of Pittsburgh, 2012

Dissertation:  Complexity, Accuracy, and Fluency as Properties of Language Performance: The Development of the Multiple Subsystems over Time and in Relation to Each Other

nglish to Speakers of Other Languages CertificateTeaching E


M.A., Linguistics, University of Pittsburgh, 2007

Thesis:  Non-Linguistic Cognitive Effects of Learning American Sign Language as a Second Language

B.A., Elementary Education and Psychology1994magna cum laude, Carlow University, ,


Research Interests

  • Second language development as measured by language performance in classroom contexts
  • Assessing language performance, language development, and language learning
  • English language pedagogy
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning


Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

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Peer-reviewed Book Chapters

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Manuscripts in preparation

Vercellotti, M. L.). During production Corrections, Abandoned Utterances, and Post-production Self-corrections: Multiple-case Longitudinal Study of Self-correction Profiles in L2 English Learners. submitted & McCormick, D. E. (

Teaching and Learning in Communication Sciences & Disorders (TLCSD).). What’s in a question? A Comparison of student questions in two learning spaces. in progress., & Forlkers, H. (Vercellotti, M. LGriffith, J.,

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