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First Fridays

The Ball State Writing Program sponsors a speaker’s series for instructors, teaching assistants, and writing center tutors to engage in issues in the field of teaching writing. The speakers are (typically) scheduled on the first Friday of the month (September, October, November, February, March, and April). Teaching assistants are required to attend as part of their professional development, while instructors are encouraged to attend.

The following are flyers and information pertaining to First Friday speakers:

April 2014-Elmar Hashimov (Writing Program Research Fellow)

Elmar Hashimov

March 2014-Jennifer Grouling and Aly Schweigert (Writing Program Research Fellows)


November 2013-Tammy Conard-Salvo (Purdue OWL)

Tammy Conrad-Salvo

October 2013-Graduate Teaching Assistant Research Projects

Ball State Graduate Teaching Assistants

September 2013-Nicki Litherland Baker (Writing Program Research Fellow)


April 2013-Mike Palmquist (Colorado State University)

Mike Palmquist

March 2013- Stephanie Hedge (Writing Program Research Fellow)

Stephanie Hedge

February 2013- Geri Strecker (Writing Program Research Fellow)

Geri Strecker

November 2012- Paul Kei Matsuda (Arizona State University)

Paul Kei Matsuda

October 2012- Graduate Teaching Assistant Research Projects

Ball State Graduate Teaching Assistants

September 2012-Bridget Gelms (Writing Program Research Fellow)

Bridget Gelms

April 2012-Jeff Grabill and Bill Hart-Davidson (Michigan State University)

Jeff Grabill and Bill Hart-Davidson

March 2012- Harry Denny (St. John's University)

Harry Denny

February 2012- Lynne Stallings (Ball State) and Dawn Formo (CSU, San Marcos) 

Lynne Stallings, Dawn Formo

November 2011-Casey McArdle and Elmar Hashimov (Ball State University)

Casey McArdle, Elmar Hashimov

October 2011- Linda Adler-Kassner (UC-Santa Barbara)

Linda Adler-Kassner

September 2011-Cheryl Glenn (Penn State)

Cheryl Glenn