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Graduate Teaching Assistants

2014-2015 Graduate Teaching Assistants

Matt Balk (RB 247)

Matt Balk

Matt Balk is a PhD candidate in Rhetoric and Composition, whose focus is in Rhetorical History. His research interests include Writing Center Histories, Mobile Technology Usage, and Digital Textbooks.  He has served as the Graduate Assistant of the Ball State University Writing Center, and has also taught multiple sections of ENG 103: Rhetoric and Writing and ENG 104: Research Writing.

Matt Balk's website

Nicki Litherland Baker (RB 255)

Nicki Litherland Baker

Nicki Litherland Baker is a Ph.D. candidate in the rhetoric and composition program and a graduate assistant director of the Writing Program. She has published articles in Assessing Writing and Proceedings from SIGDOC and is currently writing her dissertation on rhetoric in regional place branding. ​​Nicki's B.S. in secondary education and M.A.T. of English are from Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW). She has taught middle school language arts, rhetoric and writing (FYC first course), conducting research (FYC second course), professional writing, and a teaching practicum (co-taught as a TA). 

Nicki Litherland Baker's website

Margo Brines (RB 267)

Margo Brines is a first year Ph.D. student in the Rhetoric and Composition program. Her research interests are in the methodology of teaching composition and writing center studies. 

Elisabeth Buck (RB 349)

Elisabeth Buck

Elisabeth H. Buck is a PhD Candidate in Rhetoric and Composition, and is also one of the graduate assistant directors of the Writing Program. She holds a BA in English Literature from Loyola Marymount University and a MA in Literature (emphasis in Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama) from the University of Nevada, Reno. Her chapter on the rhetorical significance of food writing in Disney/Pixar's Ratatouille appears in the collection Food on Film: Bringing Something New to the Table (Rowman & Littlefield, 2015). She is also involved with pending projects pertaining to social media pedagogy (especially within the first-year composition classroom), writing program/writing center administration, and assessing online writing courses. She teaches first-year composition courses and is currently assisting with ENG 605, the teaching in English studies graduate course. 

Elisabeth Buck's website

Twitter: @ElisabethHBuck

Tara Buck (RB 259)

Tara Buck

Tara Buck is a first-year PhD student in Applied Linguistics.  Her thesis topic examined past and current language revitalization efforts in Ireland and suggested specific modifications for future efforts.  Her interests include language revitalization methods, specifically the effectiveness of language nests and grassroot approaches to revitalization efforts in specific communities.  She enjoys spending time with her family, reading for pleasure, and writing.

Mamadou Djiguimde (RB 380)

Mamdou Djiguimde

Ritassida Mamadou Djiguimde is a PhD student in Applied Linguistics at Ball State University.  His research interests include Bargaining Speech Genres, West African Formulaic Discourse, Oral Narratives, Multilingualism, Speech Accommodation Theory, Optimality Theory, and L1 Negative Transfer.  His teaching interests include Writing Transfer, ESL Writing, Viral Literacy, and Video Production as Composition. As a Fulbright alum, Mr. Djiguimde’s role as a cultural ambassador is a plus he brings into his classes to serve as a cultural educational resource in training “citizens of the world.”

Mamadou Djiguimde's website

Mamadou Djiguimde's CV

Mamadou Djiguimde's blog

Jerrica Dowling (RB 389)

Jerrica Dowling is a second-year MA student in literature.

Cameron Eigner (RB 397)

Cameron Eigner

Cameron Eigner is a third year PhD student in applied linguistics. He is currently engaged in a pilot study related to classroom interaction, as well as a study of mass noun verb agreement in native speakers of English. He teaches in Ball State's writing program, and is a member of the university's working group for oral histories and archival research.  He is also interested in the development and understanding of creole dialects of English, particularly those spoken in the Hawaiian Islands.

Cameron Eigner's website

Cameron Eigner's CV

Twitter: @cameigner

Jeremy Flick (RB 245)

Jeremy Flick

Jeremy Flick is a first-year MA student in creative writing. He holds a B.A. in English with concentration in creative writing and a minor in digital publishing from Ball State University. His interests include poetry and songwriting.

Twitter: @JeremyAFlick

Olivia Gehrich (RB 397)

Olivia Gehrich

Olivia Gehrich is a first-year MA student, studying literature with an interest in gender studies. 

Melissa Glidden (RB 249)

Melissa Glidden

Melissa Glidden is a second-year MA student in creative writing with a Master's in Library Science from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis and a BA in English from the University of Texas-Pan American. With a background in music and songwriting, her interests are broad, but she is particularly interested in poetry and screenwriting.

Kat Greene (RB 249)

Kat Greene

Katherine (Kat) Greene is a second-year PhD student in rhetoric and composition. She holds master's degrees in journalism and rhetoric and composition from Ball State University. Her research interests center on students' self-efficacy in the first year writing course and how this translates in their writing performance. Greene is also interested in the bridges and gaps between creative writing and rhetoric and composition and the ways in which creative writing can be incorporated into a rhetoric and composition classroom.

Kat Greene's website

Kat Greene's CV

Twitter: @ktg_write

Morgan Gross (RB 267)

Morgan Gross

Morgan Gross is a first year student in the Rhetoric and Composition PhD program. She holds a B.A. in English from Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas, with a teaching certification in Secondary English Language Arts and Reading. Her M.A. in Rhet/Comp is from Texas State University, San Marcos. Her thesis topic was the negotiation of student feedback requests between students and consultants in the writing center and the consequences of those negotiations. Besides writing center theory, practice, and administration, Morgan is also interested in composition pedagogy, contrastive rhetorics, critical theory, and action research.

Morgan Gross's CV

Abdullah Al-Sheikh Hasan (RB 273)

Abdullah A. Hasan is a Ph.D. student in the literature program and is interested in postcolonial studies. His main focus is the cultural encounters between Europe and North Africa.

Abdullah Al-Sheikh Hasan's CV

Elmar Hashimov (RB 277)

Elmar Hashimov

Elmar Hashimov is a PhD candidate in rhetoric and writing, focusing on digital literacies. His research and teaching interests include digital multiliteracies; qualitative research in writing; writing, activity, and genre research; and technical and professional communication. Elmar's dissertation project is an ethnographic case study of university students' lived experience in an experiential, project-based learning environment. Applying the writing, activity, and genre research framework, he focuses on the students' use of writing practices and various tools—both digital and 'traditional,' both encouraged by the instructor and ad hoc/idiosyncratic—to explore the implications of this environment on their writing and learning practices.

Elmar Hashimov's website

Elmar Hashimov's CV

Twitter: @elmar_hashi

Elizabeth King (RB 259)

Elizabeth King

Elizabeth King is a first-year MA student pursuing a General English degree.

Claire Lenviel (RB 349)

Claire Lenviel is pursuing her PhD in Literature. She is in her third year of the program.

Hongteak Lim (RB 261) 

Hongteak Lim

Hongteak Lim is a first year TESOL MA student. He is interested in ESL students' difficulties according to pronunciation and composition based on their backgrounds.

Ashley Mack-Jackson (RB 247)

Ashley Mack-Jackson

Ashley Mack-Jackson is a second year Master's student in Creative Writing with a concentration in poetry. She is interested in African American religious traditions and is currently working on a collection of linked poems about the sometimes precarious intersection of Christian faith and racial identity.

Danita Mason (RB 265)

Danita Mason

Danita Mason is in her first year of the PhD program in Literature, with an interest in dystopian studies. She holds a BA in English Literature from The Ohio State University and a MLITT/MA in The Novel from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. In addition to teaching and researching all things related to English, she is passionate about creative writing and has just finished her first novel. ​

Mary McGinnis (RB 267)

Mary McGinnis

Mary McGinnis is a Ph.D. student in Rhetoric & Composition.  She holds a B.A. in English with minors in creative writing and women’s studies and a M.A. in English & American Literature from Indiana State University.  She also holds a M.A. in Women’s and Gender Studies from Roosevelt University.  She’s interested in the use of transformative pedagogies and multimodal literacy in the composition classroom.  Her research usually takes a gender studies/queer theory angle on self-identity and self-representation, especially in the online classroom. 

Mary McGinnis' website

Mary McGinnis' CV

Twitter: @rhetoric_speak

Carrie McKendree (RB 265)

Carrie McKendree

Carrie McKendree is originally from Spring, Texas and has been living in Indiana for 5 years. She was first inspired to earn a BA in Dance from Ball State University due to her involvement in the Music and Theater programs in high school. Through the college experience, she was intrigued by the different cultures and languages she had been exposed to. This is her first year as an MA student in Linguistics and TESOL and she is excited to explore the differences and similarities, both lingual and non, of all cultures more in depth. 

Nichole Peña (RB 255)

Nichole Peña is a fourth year PhD student in literature. She holds a M.A. in English from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis where she worked as a research assistant for a new multi-platform edition of The Collected Works of Shakespeare (forthcoming OUP, 2016).  Her research interests include textual and performance studies, and the representation of women's emotions in early modern English culture. Nichole is also a lover of snarky comments and sassy shoes. 

Nichole Peña's website

Nichole Peña's CV

Twitter: @nicholepena1611

Alysia Sawchyn (RB 253)

Alysia Sawchyn

Alysia Sawchyn is a second-year MA student in Rhetoric and Composition. Her research interests include service-learning and radical pedagogies. She holds a BA in Creative Writing with a minor in English from the University of Tampa. 

Alysia Sawchyn's CV

Jesse Sopher (RB 392)

Jesse Sopher is a first-year PhD student studying literature.

Sara Strasser (RB 251) 

Sara Strasser

Sara Strasser is a first-year PhD student in Rhetoric and Composition.

Yachao Sun (RB 273)

Yachao Sun

Yachao Sun is a second year master's student in the TESOL and Linguistics program. His academic interests are in TESOL and social-linguistics.

Yachao Sun's Website

Alice Thomsen (RB 396)

Alice Thomsen

Alice is a student in the Creative Writing MA program. Her focus is long-form fiction, and she has a particular interest in the liminal space bordering realism. She is currently working on a novel best described as a ghostless ghost story.

Alice Thomsen's website

Alice Thomsen's CV

Twitter: @AliceThomsen

Phuong Tran (RB 396)

Phoung Tran

Phuong Minh Tran is currently a second year Master’s student in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and a Graduate Assistant for the Writing Center.

Kelsie Walker (RB 246)

Kelsie Walker

Kelsie Walker is a first-year PhD student in Rhetoric and Composition.