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Writing Program Awards

Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award


  • Jeff Frawley
  • Eva Grouling Snider
  • Brian Morrison


  • Adrienne Bliss
  • Angela Jackson-Brown
  • Liz Whiteacre


  • Steve Chalk
  • Beth Dalton
  • Matt Hartman

Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award


  • Kat Greene
  • Elisabeth Buck


  • Nicki Litherland Baker
  • Bridget Gelms


  • Elmer Hashimov
  • Stephanie Hedge

Summer Research Fellows

The Writing Program summer research fellows receive a stipend to support inquiry on a topic within composition studies. Fellows are responsible for providing a deliverable resource to composition instructors, and presenting the results of their research to Writing Program instructors via a Speaker Series presentation.


Matthew Balk

  • A Cluster of Intentions: First-year Composition Students, Instructors, and Writing Centers

Katherine Greene

  • Building a Common Community: Teaching with the Freshman Common Reader

Alysia Sawchyn

  • Incorporating Service-learning and Community Engagement into Writing Courses at BSU


Nicki Litherland Baker

  • Empirical Research in English 104

Jennifer Grouling and Aly Schweigert

  • Responding to Student Writing in the Age of Apps

Elmar Hashimov

  • Teaching Hands-On Research


Bridget Gelms 

  • Multimodal Assignments and Resources

Stephanie Hedge

  • Teaching with Technology

Geri Strecker

  • Asperger's Syndrome in the Composition Classroom