Michael Donnelly

Michael Donnelly

Director of Writing Program and Associate Professor of English


Room:RB 297

I’m an Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition. My main areas of interest are in contemporary rhetoric and public discourse, composition studies, and writing program administration. My recent work has focused on issues of student engagement and civic engagement. I’m particularly interested in rhetorical and cultural notions of freedom of speech, and the connections between public discourse, the teaching of writing, and student engagement.

Areas of Specialization
Contemporary Rhetoric and Public Discourse; Composition Theory and Pedagogy; Writing Program Administration

ID 601 Practicum in Higher Education (Teacher Prep)
ENG 690 Seminar: Politics, Composition, and Radical Pedagogies
ENG 697 Contemporary Rhetoric
ENG 690 Seminar: Writing Program Administration

ENG 103 Rhetoric and Writing
ENG 104 Composing Research
ENG 335 Reading and Writing about Public Discourse

Michael Donnely's curriculum vitae