This course is an immersive, service learning opportunity. English 409 students meet with young writers in the community, to teach creative writing techniques and to write a text collaboratively. These young community partners are in various programs throughout Muncie, including Motivate our Minds, Storer Elementary, and Boys & Girls Club of Muncie.

Objectives include the enrichment of the creative writing major, through engagement in the local community; through the scholarly study of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction; through relevant essays about creative writing pedagogy and community engagement; and through the use of critical and creative examinations of the student’s own and collaborative work created for the class. The end product will be a public community reading and published collection.

English 409, which is directed and taught by Sean Lovelace, maintains the following goals and objectives:

  • Engagement/Immersion with the community. We believe a relationship between the university and the larger community is important. A large part of the class will be meeting with our community partners. We will create a published text of our collaborative work. We will hold a public reading.
  • We believe creative writing is very important, especially to young writers. Creative writing allows for linguistic and conceptual development. Writers are sensitive to the world, to themselves, to the power of language. 

  • Writing is stimulating. It causes joy and personal growth. Creative writing develops the entire person. Creativity is enriching for the individual and society. It is important for children to receive poetry and stories, but also to make their own!
  • Teaching is a rewarding process, as a person and as a writer. This class investigates academic theory on the significance and actual pedagogical processes of teaching creative writing to children.
  • Reflection. As a student and human, why is this process significant? As students participate in this class, they will have many opportunities for written reflection, including feedback on each partner meeting and a final essay.