Seek out opportunities to put your skills to work: help edit a nonprofit’s newsletter, build a business Web site, work with an area press, or identify another way to enhance your professional abilities. And get credit for it!

The more you get involved, the bigger the payoff. Not only do you build your own skills as a writer, presenter, or organizer, but you’ll also make connections in your field and raise the profile of Ball State's Department of English. You never know how these connections will pay off.

Ball State is committed to providing a total educational experience for its students, including opportunities for experiential education assignments for all qualified, motivated students. By combining academic study with practical work experience in internships and cooperative education assignments, we provide an essential link between your classroom learning and the world of work after graduation.

English internships are supervised on-the-job working-and-learning assignments which allow undergraduate and graduate English majors and minors to apply the knowledge and skills learned in courses. These experiential education assignments also help students to focus more clearly their career choices and professional goals.

For more information on internships, contact the Assistant Chair of Operations at Robert Bell 297, by calling 765-285-8580. Interns in the English Department regularly look for internship and job opportunities for English majors and keep a list of them on our blog