Professional Core (15 hours required)

TEDU 510 - Technology: Use and Assessment
TEDU 635 - Implementing Technology Education
TEDU 690 - History and Philosophy of Technology Education (not for students with credit in TEDU 568)*
TEDU 691 - Strategies and Materials for Teaching Technology Education (not for students with credit in TEDU 552)*
TEDU 694 - Curriculum Development in Technology Education
TEDU 698 - Seminar in Technology Education

Research Requirements (3 hours required: ITEDU 699)

TEDU 699 - Research in Technical Education (required)
RES 697 - Research Paper
CRPRJ 698 - Creative Project
THES 698 - Thesis

Directed Electives to achieve 30 total program hours (subject to advisor approval)

Pre-Approved Electives include:
TEDU 695 - Curriculum Evaluation in Technical Education
TEDU 550 - Career and Technical Education Student Organizations
EDPSY 641 - Statistical Methods in Educational and Psychological Research

  • Courses from the online Methods in Education and Psychological research (three credit hours).
  • Courses from the online MA in Career and Technical Education program (except TEDU 552 and TEDU 568)
  • Other electives or transfer credits approved by the program advisor.

*Note: Students in the Master of Arts in Technology and Engineering Education should not enroll in TEDU 552 or TEDU 568, instead enrolling in the parallel courses TEDU 691 and TEDU 690.