There is an array of options for any Department of Family and Consumer Sciences student to serve both the department and Ball State University. These experiences will serve you well when you transition to your professional life. You will also gain the satisfaction of impacting the future of the department and the university.

Besides the options below, also consider getting involved on a project with research and community impact to develop your skills beyond the classroom or contribute to one of the many student organizations available.

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

The committee reviews and makes recommendations regarding changes to the current curriculum and evaluates new course and programs proposals. If you are interested, please submit an application to the department office.

Student Affairs Committee

Your responsibilities include planning and coordinating of department recruitment activities, reviewing departmental scholarships, and arranging the spring student recognition activities.
Interested? Submit an application to the department office.

Courtesy Corps Student Committee

Members of the Courtesy Corps will represent the department for visiting students and other groups. You may lead department tours, participate in Cardinal Preview Days, or serve as a host for our department’s Family Weekend activities.
To participate, submit an application to the department office.

Graduate Education Committee

Opportunities to review and make recommendations regarding graduate curriculum and programs, courses, and policies are available at the department and university level.

Students who wish to serve should return a completed application to the department office.

Please contact us for additional information.