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Nutrition and Dietetics

These Ball State Nutrition and Dietetics students
volunteered for the Special Olympics
Healthy Athletes health fair.
Dr. Friesen is the Clinical Director for
the Indiana Special Olympics Healthy
Athletes Health Promotion program.

The Didactic Program in  Nutrition and Dietetics prepares students for opportunities in nutrition, food service systems management, and administration of community nutrition programs. New graduates are prepared to work as entry level registered dietitians after obtaining and completing an ADA supervised practice. The supervised practice follows graduation and entry is based on GPA, work experience, and faculty recommendations. After completion of this work-related experience, the individual is eligible for the national registration exam to become a registered dietitian (RD).

NOTE: Students admitted to the nutrition and dietetic program will have completed two years of high school algebra or MATH 108. All dietetic students are directed to take the following University Core Curriculum courses as program requirements: BIO 111, CHEM 111, PSYSC 100, and COMM 210.

Program Completion and Verification

Program completion of the Didactic Program in Nutrition and Dietetics is based on meeting university requirements for graduation. A verification statement will be issued to each student completing the degree requirements. The verification statement is required for admission into a supervised practice experience and must accompany the application to take the national registration examination. These statements will be issued to the graduate following confirmation of graduation by the advising center. As the verification statements will be mailed to the graduate, a permanent address must be provided by the student during the semester preceding graduation.