Departmental Honors Program
Department of Family and Consumer Sciences


The eligibility requirements for departmental honors in Family and Consumer Sciences include the following:

  • An overall GPA of 3.25 or higher
  • A GPA of3.5 or higher in Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Sophomore standing


In order to receive the distinction of Departmental Honors in Family and Consumer Sciences, the student must complete the following requirements:

  • Earn an A and departmental honors credit in a minimum of 4 upper-division courses in his or her major area
  • Complete an approved honors thesis or project (Honors 499)


Departmental Honors is designed to foster and reward academic excellence in Family and Consumer Sciences. Both the commencement program and the students' transcripts will acknowledge this prestigious achievement. Such an honor will not only instill a sense of personal pride in the recipient but also enhance his or her potential for success in future endeavors, whether it is gaining admittance to graduate school or securing that first job.


  1. The student should consult with the Family and Consumer Sciences honors representative, Dr. Diana Saiki ( who will explain the requirements and procedures for the program.
  2. The student must complete a Departmental Honors card- available from the Family and Consumer Sciences honors representative.
  3. The student should identify the upper-division courses that he/she would like to take for departmental honors credit.
  4. To earn honors credit in an upper-division Family and Consumer Sciences course, the student should follow these steps:
    • Inform the professor of that intent- usually this is done during the first week of the course
    • The professor will then specify, in writing, what additional academic work the student must complete to earn honors credit in the course (the exact nature of the "additional academic work" will be largely dependent upon the course; however some general examples would be: additional readings, an oral presentation, a mini-research project, a literature review or annotated bibliography on a relevant topic, an interview, etc.).
    • Upon completion of the course, the professor will determine whether the "A" grade and the additional work qualify the student to receive honors credit.
  5. If departmental honors credit is awarded , the student must, obtain a departmental honors course form from the Honors College, have the form completed and signed by the Professor and deliver/send the form to the Honors College.
  6. In addition to the above requirements, the student must earn departmental honors credit in an approved Family and Consumer Sciences research /creative project (Honors 499). Additional details on the honors thesis/project are available from the Family and Consumer Sciences departmental honors representative.

Additional Honors Opportunity 

Academic Honors in Writing, 2014-2015  

Academic Honors in Writing (AHW) is a program designed to foster and reward excellence in undergraduate writing.  At commencement, selected graduating seniors will be honored for their superior writing skills.  Both the commencement program and the students’ transcripts will acknowledge this prestigious achievement.  Such an honor will be a matter of personal pride for the recipients and will also be of great interest to prospective employers.  Academic Honors in Writing, then, reaffirms the central place of written expression in the undergraduate university experience.‚Äč Click here for more information