jody defoeJody DeFoe earned a Master of Arts in Family and Consumer Sciences in 2005, with an emphasis in Family and Child Studies. She is now employed by Noblesville (Indiana) Schools as the Education Services Coordinator for the Hamilton County Juvenile Services Center. She coordinates with school officials, probation officers and community agencies to ensure students are given every opportunity to continue their academic progress upon release from the Juvenile Services Center and able to transition back into the community.

While working closely with students ages 12-18 in a secure detention setting, Jody is presented with new challenges every day. However, her Family and Consumer Sciences classes prepared her well. Jody especially recalls the value of the classes in Family Stress and Family Relations, indicating that she draws on that information daily. “Understanding how the stress of the family impacts each student helps me know how to approach their needs.”

Jody fondly remembers the knowledgeable and helpful faculty in the Family and Consumer Sciences department. “They were eager to help me every step of the way!”

Jody DeFoe, B.S. 1996, M.A. 2005
Education Services Coordinator
Hamilton County Juvenile Services Center
Noblesville Schools
Noblesville, Indiana