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Hospitality and Food Management Association

HFMA Officers 2014-2015
Hospitality and Food Management Association Officers 2014-2015

Hospitality & Food Management Association's mission is to promote the hospitality profession, which includes event, food, and hotel management. Lectures, speakers and field trips are designed to enhance student exposure to the industry with a focus on developing leadership skills and networking. Community service is another component of the association with a fall and spring event planned that contributes to the benefit of a non-profit organization.

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Ball State Hospitality and Food Association (HFMA)

Meeting Times:

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Debbie Foster (Ext: 5921)
Deanna Pucciarelli (Ext: 4791)
Alan Yen (Ext: 5945)


Danielle Ketner, Co-President (Fall 2014) 
Katie Woehnker, Co-President (Spring 2015)
Kaitlin Frazier, Co-Vice President (Fall 2014)  
Megan Endicott, Co-Vice President (Spring 2015) 
Lauren Daugherty, Treasurer                           
Tori Raderstorf, Secretary
Rebecca Schooley, Social Chair
Ashley Stonesifer, Committee Chair              
Liu Thomas, Publicity Chair     
Rachel Hazlebeck, Program Chair