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Residential Property Management Association


Dr. Carla Earhart, Advisor

Erin Donovan, Co-Advisor

Rachel Biasi, President

Kali Johnson, Vice President

Andeas Hji-Avgoustis, Social Chair

Brandon Kepner, Treasurer

Lucas Pelfrey, Secretary



The purpose of the organization, Residential Property Management Association (RPMA), is to promote Residential Property Management (RPM) as an area of interest and study, and to provide extra-curricular activities related to the field. Further, the organization will provide leadership opportunities and social interaction for the members. 

Meetings will be held twice a month during the semester.  Meetings are held on Mondays at 5pm.


Membership is open to all students currently enrolled at Ball State University.  Students do not have to be Residential Property Management (RPM) Majors to be eligible for membership.

Members are expected to participate in all meetings and activities, unless otherwise excused.  

Attendance will be taken at each meeting and active status will be rewarded with honor cords at graduation.  Each member will have one vote.  Dues must be paid before a member can vote.


Dues will be set at the end of the spring semester, to take effect in the fall of the next academic year.  For additional information about dues contact one of the officers or faculty advisors.

For additional information about RPMA check out the website: www.bsu-rpma.com