This minor focuses on environmental applications of the geological sciences.   Inclusion of one class in Geography or Natural Resources and Environmental Management recognizes the interdisciplinary nature of environmental work, and features courses most commonly taken by our departmental majors planning careers in the environmental industry and related government agencies.   This minor will enhance curriculum options for undergraduate majors in Natural Resources and Environmental Management, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and other fields. 

Minor in Environmental Geology, 21 hours

9 hours…

GEOL 101 Planet Earth or GEOG 101 Earth Sea Sky

GEOL 201 Earth Time

GEOL 206 Oceans and Nations  


9 hours from…    

GEOL 207 Environmental Geology

GEOL 240 Geomorphology  

GEOL 360 Hydrogeology

GEOL 420 Oceanography

GEOL 450 Geology of Indiana

GEOL 470 Groundwater Geochemistry


3 hours from…

GEOG 265 Intro GIS

GEOG 331 Glob Climate

GEOG 342 Intro to Remote Sensing

NREM 221 Soil Resources

NREM 350 HazMat Health and Safety


You can also find more information on scheduling in the undergraduate handbook.