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Grading System

At Ball State we use a standard 4.0 scale for grading and awarding credit points. Although you need to have a C or better in a course for it to count toward a degree program, all grades are used to compute your overall grade point average (GPA). If you are pursuing a master’s degree, you’ll need a scholastic ratio of at least 3.0 as well as a 3.0 in your major. If you are seeking a specialist in education or doctoral degree, you need to maintain a 3.2. Some academic departments have more stringent requirements so be sure to check with your department. Here’s the grading system:

  • A: 4.00
  • A-: 3.67
  • B+: 3.33
  • B: 3.00
  • B-: 2.67
  • C+: 2.33
  • C: 2.00
  • C-: 1.67
  • D+: 1.33
  • D: 1.00
  • D-: 0.67
  • F: 0