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At Ball State University, we offer rich academic and applied experiences tailored to your professional goals. Our psychology faculty includes six Fellows of the American Psychological Association and other national and international leaders in the field.  Many students are able to find assistantships to help with funding.

The following Ball State psychology graduate programs are recognized for strong faculty-student mentoring and inclusion of students in research opportunities: 

Master's Degree Programs Highlights
Clinical Psychology

This program provides training consistent with the scientist-practitioner model and includes a foundation in abnormal psychology, psychotherapy, and assessment. The primary mission is to prepare students for doctoral study by offering quality instruction in the science of psychology and opportunities to conduct psychological research. Contact: Dr. Kerri Pickel, 765-285-1711,

Cognitive and Social Processes

This program provides extensive training in cognitive psychology, social psychology, statistics, and research models. The primary mission is to prepare students for doctoral study by offering quality instruction in the science of psychology and opportunities to conduct psychological research. Contact: Dr. Kerri Pickel, 765-285-1711,

Counseling The master’s programs within the Department of Counseling Psychology and Guidance Services are designed for students who want to apply their education in real-world settings. Students and alumni work in schools, counseling centers, agencies, and academic and organizational institutions to provide services for clients. The department works on improving the quality of life for those it serves. Contact: Sarah Shield, 765-285-8040,
Educational Psychology A master’s degree in educational psychology provides an important step for a profession in any educational setting. Practicing school personnel may complete the degree as they pursue professional continuing education credits and/or the high ability licensure. Professionals who worked with children and families in other fields may also benefit from advanced course work in learning and human development. Students who graduate from the program may pursue doctoral degrees in education or psychology. Contact: Dr. Jerrell Cassady, 765-285-8522,
School Psychology Blending tradition and innovation, our programs in school psychology guide you in the discovery of how and why individuals learn through the study of development, memory, learning, and cognition in educational settings. You will be prepared to assist teachers, parents, and others in the community in the important work of helping students develop their potential to learn. 
Social Psychology Social psychologists combine an understanding of human behavior with training in research methods. The emphasis is on how people think, feel, and act toward one another in society. A master's degree in social psychology can be beneficial for careers in education, social work, criminology, anthropology, and personnel work. Contact: Sarah Shield, 765-285-8040,
Social Psychology and Clinical Mental Health Counseling The Department of Counseling Psychology and Guidance Services offers two program tracks for the MA in social psychology and a dual major in social psychology and counseling. The dual major in social psychology and counseling also provides excellent preparation for doctoral study in counseling psychology. This dual-major program is one of the few dual master's programs of its type in the country. Contact: Sarah Shield, 765-285-8040,
Sport and Exercise Psychology

The Sport and Exercise Psychology master's specialization is designed to help students develop a thorough understanding of the psychological principles related to sport and motor performance. This objective is achieved through classroom study, research and practicum experiences. The program prepares students for placement in doctoral programs and applied internships. The program has faculty who are active in grant work and research and are certified by the Association of Applied Sport Psychology. Contact: Dr. Lindsey Blom, 765-285-5130,

Specialist Degree Program Highlights
Educational Psychology (School)

This program is jointly accredited by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). Contact: Dr. Barbara Rothlisberg, 765-285-8520,

Doctoral Degree Programs Highlights
Educational Psychology (General)  The doctoral program in educational psychology trains research scholars who will contribute to the understanding of teaching, learning and development; educational accountability and program evaluation; and individual differences in learning and adjustment in educational settings. Graduates with a doctoral degree in educational psychology are qualified for academic positions in higher education and research positions in public and private institutions such as professional evaluation firms and testing companies. Contact: Dr. Jerrell Cassady, 765-285-8522,
Educational Psychology (School)

This program is accredited by the American Psychological Association and has been recognized as having more graduates in higher education than any other school psychology program in the United States. Contact: Dr. David McIntosh, 765-285-5701,

Counseling Psychology The doctoral program in counseling psychology trains domestic and international students to fulfill specific goals in a wide variety of institutional and multicultural settings and populations. These include acquiring the breadth and knowledge of counseling psychology, demonstrating the ability to think as scientist-professionals, and engaging in ethical and professional behavior. The program prepares students to become competent practitioners of counseling, assessment, consultation, psycho-education, and program development and evaluation. This educational framework ensures students can perform as competent researchers, instructors and supervisors and demonstrate multicultural and social justice competencies and involvement.

The program has been accredited by the American Psychology Association since 1982 and is ranked 11th among such programs in terms of research productivity. The American Psychological Association of Graduate Students recognized the Department of Counseling Psychology and Guidance Services as the 2005 Department of the Year. Contact: Sarah Shield, 765-285-8040,
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