Doctoral Degree Conferral

You will be awarded your doctoral degree when, in the judgment of your committee, you have qualified in all respects for the degree and you have: 

  • Applied for graduation. 
  • Completed all course work leading to the degree with an outstanding graduate scholastic record. 
  • Submitted final copy electronically. 
  • Passed the dissertation defense. 
  • Completed one year (two consecutive semesters) of full-time study in residence.

 If you took any courses required for your degree before you were admitted to a doctoral program, your committee will have to approve using the courses. You also may need to provide evidence of current knowledge.

If needed, you might be granted an extension of one year if your department chairperson and the dean of the Graduate School approve. Extensions are based on academic considerations and are limited. You may be required to repeat preliminary examinations, to take additional course work, or both.