Completing Your Master's Degree

At Ball State, you need to complete your master’s degree program in six years unless you receive an extension from the dean of the Graduate School. You’ll work with your department advisor to develop your plan of study, which includes your major and minor areas and electives.

You can declare a minor in any of the fields of study offered as a major for a master’s degree. You also can minor in general foundations of business, geographic information processing and mapping, higher education, public health, and school library and audiovisual services.

As a master’s degree student you’ll need to satisfy a research requirement. You can choose from four options:
  • Prepare a thesis for 6 hours of graduate credit. 
  • Create a research paper for 3 hours of graduate credit. 
  • Develop a creative project for 3 or 6 hours of graduate credit. 
  • Complete a graduate research methodology course plan for a minimum of 3 hours of graduate credit.

If you want to earn a double major or second master’s degree, the following rules apply:
  • You’ll need to complete a minimum of 15 hours of graduate work in each of the two approved fields of study to earn a double major. Sometimes you can apply a common course to both majors if you receive prior approval from the departments.
  • You’ll need a minimum of 30 hours of graduate credit for a second master’s degree. You’ll also need to satisfy the research requirement for both master’s degrees, and you cannot transfer any credit earned for the first master’s degree to the second one.
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