Why Ball State

Curiosity and collaboration will fuel your graduate education. Find out what will drive it:


Graduate study at Ball State supports the university’s mission by seeking to develop the intellectual breadth and specialized training necessary for careers in teaching, in research, and in the professions. Graduate programs emphasize the knowledge, methods, and skills needed for scholarly teaching, problem solving and original research, creative inquiry and expression, and intellectual leadership to prepare responsible civic and professional leaders for our community, the state, nation, and the world.

The problems and issues facing society require new knowledge and new ways of using existing knowledge, especially with the continuing advancement of technology. To meet the challenges of working in a global society, graduate programs provide an atmosphere which fosters scholarship, creative activity, intellectual freedom, interdisciplinary study, student/faculty collaboration, and integrity of action within a diverse climate of teachers and learners. 


At Ball State you’ll work side-by-side with some of the best scholars in the Midwest on cutting-edge research. In fact, our strong faculty and student collaboration has laid the foundation for our nationally recognized programs.


You can choose from more than 100 graduate programs, including master’sdoctoralspecialist, and certificate programs. Our research interests are deep and varied. And the caliber of work has earned Ball State a number of accolades. Our master’s programs in physics and landscape architecture as well as our doctoral program in educational psychology are among many that rank among the nation’s best.


Inside Ball State’s 100+ academic and administrative buildings, you’ll find state-of-the-art facilities that are wired with the latest technology, and in some cases completely unwired because we’re the nation’s top wireless campus. In our libraries, you’ll find stacks that are stacked and resources and research tools aplenty.


Our graduate students are career-driven and socially adept. As you prepare for a high-level career at Ball State, the work you’ll do in the labs and out in the field will immediately affect society. Currently we’re conducting meaningful research such as studying real sociological trends among Tibetan women and taking measures to improve local water quality. Regardless of how you make your mark, when you graduate and join the ranks of our more than 154,500 alumni, you’ll be prepared to take on the world.

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