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Steps to Review A Graduate Application in Banner

To review a BANNER graduate student application follow these steps:

Step 1:  Log into Banner (INB).

Step 2:  Go to the SAAADMS form and enter the name or ID number of the student you want to review.

Step 3: To review prior colleges and GP A go to the SOAPCOL form and scroll down.

Step 4:  To review the transcripts for a particular student select the BDMS icon for transcript at the top of the page below the menu. The BDMS review icon is next to the printer icon and has a magnifying glass inside a document.

Step 5:  (If applicable) To review test scores go to the SOATEST form and scroll down to see GRE or other scores.  You can also use the query feature for GRE – GR% and F8.

Step 6:  To indicate that supplemental materials have been received (such as departmental applications, resumes, etc.) go to the checklist tab in SAAADMS.  A summary of checklist items for a particular program/curriculum can be viewed on the SAAACKL form.