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Apply for Graduation and Completion of Certificate

Before you can graduate or complete your certificate program, you’ll need to complete an application for graduation and submit it to the Graduate School.

Graduation Deadlines

All master’s, doctoral, and specialist students must apply to receive graduate degrees. The following deadlines apply:   

  • Summer semester, 2016: May 31
  • Fall semester, 2016: September 19
  • Spring semester, 2017: February 6
  • Summer semester, 2017: May 30

Application for Graduation and Completion of Certificate

Please remember, graduation is not automatic. You must apply to graduate whether or not you plan to participate in the ceremony. All graduate students who plan to graduate and participate in a ceremony must complete the following four-step process:

  • Step 1 - All graduate level students must be actively registered during their final/graduating term. If the student does not have any additional courses to take toward the degree or certificate completion, the student should enroll in MAST 600 (for masters and Ed.S. level), DISS 799 (for doctoral level), or any other course. The student should speak with their department directly about registration in MAST 600 or DISS 799 if this option is chosen.
  • Step 2 - Eligible students must complete an application to graduate. Log into Self-Service Banner (SSB) at and click on the "Student" tab, then click on "Student Records", and then "Apply to Graduate." Complete the application again for EACH additional degree and/or certificate objective.
  • Step 3 - Review your graduation applications on Self-Service Banner (SSB) at, under “View Graduation Applications,” to confirm you have submitted ALL necessary degree AND certificate graduation applications before the posted deadline (above).
  • Step 4 - Participants will need to order the necessary materials such as the cap, gown, and tassel. We ask that you get all your materials early in case something needs to be returned or exchanged.

PLEASE NOTE: The Graduation ceremony is ONLY for students completing a DEGREE program. If you are applying for CERTIFICATE COMPLETION ONLY, you will NOT participate in the Graduation ceremony. 

Graduation Application Fee

A $25 application fee for graduation is required for all students applying for graduation and completion of certificate program each term.  If the student reapplies for graduation or completion, the student will be charged a $25 application processing fee for the new term. The fee is assessed per degree and certificate objective (example: master of arts, master of science, certificate in applied behavior analysis, etc.) and per application processed.